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We have the largest selection of quality paraiba gemstones on the web

We offer Paraiba Tourmalines in all shapes and sizes, both as loose stones and set in jewelry. We stock paraiba gemstones weighing over five carats as well as many smaller stones under a carat in a variety of cuts. We have paraiba gems set in exquisite jewelry and can set any of our lose gemstones in any setting requested by the customer. We carry Paraiba stones from all international locations: Brazil, Mozambique and Nigeria.

We deal with all levels of the jewelry industry. Wholesalers, Designers, Retailers, Collectors and Individual Consumers are all welcome to contact us.

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Each dealer decides the prices of their stones. Therefore there are some stones that are    much better priced then others. Search through our inventory and you can find some great    deals.
Some stones are already certified by a lab, this will be indicated in the stone description. All   other stones can be certified for a minor fee.
Each dealer has different policies regarding shipping and returns. However all of them offer   some return policy. Shipping prices very, some dealers offer free shipping.

One of the rarest and most expensive gemstones that can be purchased is the Paraiba Tourmaline. Paraiba gemstones can only be found in three locations, the State of Paraiba, Brazil, Mozambique and Nigeria. Paraiba's have a one of a kind color, which can somewhat be described as turquoise greenish blue. Paraiba's contain a small amount of copper in their chemical composition, this gives the stone a vivid shine that is not found in any other gemstone. Its unique glow and color has led the Paraiba Tourmaline to be called "the neon blue gemstone."

Such a lovely gemstone would be part of every jewelry wardrobe, were it not for the rarity of the Paraiba and the high prices it commands. While other varieties of tourmaline are fairly common and widely available, Paraiba Tourmalines are normally part of expensive jewelry and collections.

We have been dealing with paraiba tourmalines since their discovery way back in the 1980's. Since then we have formed very strong connections with the mines and Paraiba cutting centers. This allows us to provide a constant supply of this very rare gemstone as well as offer very competitive prices for the paraiba.

Choose for our large selection of loose paraiba gemstones and jewelry.

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